Multiple Database Backup.

I have four databases that I backup often. I use the applescript “Export Daily Backup” on each of the four about once a week. Is there an option/way to have “Export Daily Backup” backup all four databases and make one archive?

Or are there reasons why this is not a good idea?


Just my opinion, but I’ve always found the backup thing in DTPO to be odd in this respect. It stores the “backup” inside the database that is being backed up. More like a snapshot, maybe.

To my simple mind, a “real” backup is something stored in an entirely different location than the thing being backed up - like on a different drive, or on a different server in my office, or on a different continent. Certainly not inside the thing being backed up.

For that reason, when I really mean to backup a database, I put a copy somewhere else. With any number of utilities available - or even just Finder. And, since every database is a package, I can copy lots of packages at the same time. Not a bad idea. QED

I assumed using the script “Daily Backup Archive” in services created a copy of the database in home/Backup? Is this not the case?

However, I do like your idea about copying somewhere else. So there is NO difference in an archived created using DT Script and just copying the actual .dt.base2 files from my Documents folder?

If thats the case, here my be my new setup. I use Chronosync to sync my database folder in Documents with the user/Backup folder. Every week my backup folder is uploaded to my AmazonS3 account. Does that seem like a good route? Any suggestions?

Various database background strategies have been discussed in detail in other threads so you might want to do a bit of searching for those, keeping an eye open for posts from Bill DeVille on the topic. :slight_smile:

Christian have in an another thread explain the solution to this:

I had a damaged database and with Christians solution I could get the database back before it was damaged.