Multiple Labels, and colors?


i would like to have the ability to change the labelling color and the number of label (aka etiquette in french).



You can already do this in preferences.
Cliquez sur la boite colorée de l’etiquette (dans preferences) pour changer la couleur. Vous pouvez d’ailleurs changer le nom dans la boite texte adjointe. I’m not sure what you mean by the “number” unless you are speaking of the applescript reference?


yes on peut changer les couleurs dans le dialogue des preferences mais on ne peut pas ajouter d’étiquettes supplémentaires…

Yes i can change the label’s color but not the quantitie of the label, there are always and forever seven…


Resurrecting this discussion, is there a reason why there are only 7 color labels, and we cannot increase or decrease the number? On the face of things, one would think that some people would have 8 or 9 major categories, so would want to increase the number, while others may have only 3 or 4 and would actually prefer to delete some of them.

It is interesting to me that Mac OS also has 7 color labels, and I wonder if the two limitations are related? This actually frustrated me a lot (unlike the DT limitation) because I figure that ALL my files fall into 10 categories, and if the OS just offered a couple more colors it might be possible to color everything and then do more detailed tagging on only relatively few files.

Broadening the discussion a bit, who uses the color labels in DT, and how? Do you use them together with tags, and how do they complement each other?

Some ideas here: Custom labels

I’d like to have the chance to use more labels as well. Doing a music history project I use the labels for different media: Books, Recordings, Articles, etc. I used up the seven labels and couldn’t include “Interviews” which is kind of an important one.

I’m sure there’s other ways people use labels. This way helps me find what I need. If I search for a title and there’s a review of the book as well, the book is green, the review is purple, easy to find.

Different labels for different types of project would be useful as well.

Apologies for re-resurrecting this topic, but I would really love to know how fundamental/trivial the 7-label limit is. Would it be an easy thing for the developers (perhaps in DevonThink 3, whenever that might be set to come out) to allow users to create an arbitrary number of labels (preferably with the option to set them on a per-database basis)? Or is the 7-label limit connected in some deep way to the OS?

Of course, I understand that, even if it is easy, it won’t necessarily be a priority for the developers, who have lots of other things to consider. But I’m mighty curious to find out if the 7 thing is just an implementation of the rainbow or something deeper!

Could there be more? Technologically, it’s possible but it was made to match the label index limit in the Finder. Also, the lower limit helps avoid distinctions between colors being too subtle.

Cognitively speaking, rating something 1-10 is harder than rating something 1-5. Imagine if someone said, “On a scale of 1-25, how do you feel about our pickles?" :smiley:
That’s also why many systems only employ three choices, like a poor-good-excellent scale.
School provides the easiest binary scale: pass or fail.