Multiple List Views

Hi All,

I’m still getting used to DT3 and have a question. Is it possible to open two list views of different groups or searches? How about each with their own preview pane? I often use multiple finder windows in this way to work on a group of documents while searching in another. An example might be a group of ledgers where you need to search for authorizations, invoices, canceled checks, etc. to audit individual entries. Currently, I use the little navigation arrows at the top of the list view to get around, but I’ve managed to loose my place a few times and would be more comfortable having a separate window. Of course, if there is some other way to accomplish this, I’m all ears.


The only possibility is to open multiple windows (see File > New Window), just like in the Finder.

Well, I was never one to appreciate the obvious! I can’t believe how many different menu items and commands I searched for without trying the exact finder command I use all the time. Thank you for the help. This is exactly what I was after.