Multiple sync options but no backup

I’m currently using WebDev to keep my databases sync’ed between DT and DTG. I noticed that the databases aren’t that large and I can likely sync them through icloud. DT gives you the option to keep both WebDev and iCloud sync on. Are there any advantages and disdvantages to having both options active?

I also noticed that DT doesn’t have a back up option like DTG. I read that you need to export the database manually to backup your databases. The lack of an automatic backup option in DT makes me think there is something inferior to the DTG backup approach. Otherwise, DT would have an automated backup option. Why doesn’t DT have an automatic backup option?

Because we all backup our Macs’ data regularly and by more than one method? :grin:



Many people here have experienced recurring problems with Apple’s cloud „offering“. Therefore: while you technically „can“ (perhaps. sometimes), you probably shouldn’t.
As to why DT does not provide an automated backup: why should it? I don’t know of any program on the Mac that does. There’s TimeMachine, CCC, Arq, Backblaze etc. More than enough backup apps to choose from.

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What about the database archive feature?

that being said, as others above have said, we back the entire system and probably multiple ways using a 3-2-1 backup strategy.

I have automated database archives directed to ~/backups/devonthink an they captured in numerous backups also.

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Good point/reminder that I should be backing up my Mac. This approach would include my DT databases.

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