Multiple tags within combined PDF

Sorry but I’m very New to DT3 and am trying to get my thoughts clear on how to best handle large combined PDFs.
I have a single PDF that contains multiple pages on several topics such as medical, education, training, and etc. Is there a way in DT3 to tag each instance of significant content within a combined PDF? I can disassemble the single combined PDF but that takes an enormous amount of time. Can DT3 ingest the PDF and let me highlight sections as I read it?

Perhaps you’d want to search for “split pdf” in the forum and see if any of the threads coming up would help you with what you want to do.

Thanks. I’ll take a look. The challenge is the combined PDF covers a wide range of correspondence on various topics. Is there a way to do that within DT3?

Do what exactly? You cannot assign different tags to different parts of a document, if that’s your intention. But you can highlight sections (which is completely different from tagging).
Did you read the documentation on DT, BTW? It might help to clarify some of the concepts.

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The approach in this post might be of interest.