In document tags

Is there any way to insert tags within a document. I have a large document and I would like to highlight certain sections and link tags to those sections

What kind of document?
If it’s a PDF, DEVONThink offers page-level linking, so you can right-click on a given PDF page and “Copy Page Link”. You can past this link anywhere, such as a word document, text document, a calendar event, basically anywhere that test can be pasted. When clicked, will take you directly to that page in DEVONthink.

If it is not a PDF, then you can use a string of alphanumeric characters (e.g., “ZZZZ”) as a way of “tagging” a section that will show up in a search of your database, and subsequently a search within that document. Just note that you have to avoid special characters (@ ! % # etc), since DEVONthink Search ignores special characters. So don’t use something like #todo to tag a section. You could do zztodozz, however.

Hello, Any chance y’all have added the feature of inline tag for notes (like Bear, Dynalist, etc). It’s a very valuable tool that helps us make one document with multiple tags embedded so that we can go right to the exact place.


It’s possible to use WikiLinks (see Preferences > Editing). You can also create links in documents like RTF file via Format > Add Link or Format > Make Link.


Can you elaborate a bit on how to use wikilinks as inline tags?


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Can you elaborate a bit on how to use wikilinks as inline tags?

I’m not sure what you’re specifically looking for regarding “inline tags”. Can you clarify?

For example, when I write #hastag in markdown, the document should be appended a tag hashtag in devonthink

In DT preferences have you checked Files Tags: Convert hashtags to tags ?


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Hashtag conversions are only done on separate lines, not in sentences, e.g.,…

This will not #work.

However, this will work…

Here are some hashtags…
#one #two #three
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Personally, I use link fields to in-line tag PDFs as a workaround:

The field is inserted into the PDF’s page margins and its URL set to the item link for a certain tag. Since I don’t add any text to the links’ description, these links will now dynamically display the tag’s name in the ‘Links’ inspector field.

If you click such a link in the Links inspector field, it takes you to that section in the document. By following the link (e.g. via Popclip) you can navigate to the actual tag.
It’s also possible to find inline tags added like this via search

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Sorry but I’m very New to DT3 and am trying to get my thoughts clear on how to best handle large combined PDFs.
I have a single PDF that contains multiple pages on several topics such as medical, education, training, and etc. Is there a way in DT3 to tag each instance of significant content within a combined PDF? I can disassemble the single combined PDF but that takes an enormous amount of time. Can DT3 ingest the PDF and let me highlight sections as I read it?

I suggest that you create a new thread with your question instead of adding to this one which is only very remotely connected to your question.

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OK, I’ll do that.

Hi @McSteve, have you tried the workflow suggested in my post above? Actually, I think that would address exactly what you’re looking for.

First, add an empty link rectangle next to the relevant section of the PDF:

Screenshot 2022-01-29 at 15.20.31

Then, add the tag’s item link after changing the link type to “URL”:

In the Links inspector you’ll now be able to jump to each section that has a link field with the respective tag next to it, by clicking on the entry in the Links inspector.