Multiple Workspaces

I often have ‘workspaces’ that are really just tab groups I want all opened in the same window with customization. Currently, if you activate a second workspace, it clobbers all of the current windows. I’d like the ability to have Workspace A open and I can open Workspace B and have B’s window(s) and tab(s) appear without removing Workspace A. Is that possible currently and I’ve just missed it?

This is the essence of a Workspace. It is not an additive thing. A Workspace defines an absolute set of windows.

One workaround is to open an additional browser window, then open the bookmarks bar (ensure that DEVONagent is selected in Preferences > Bookmarks and that workspaces are part of the bookmarks bar), expand the workspace, select all its items and open them in tabs via the contextual menu.

That’ll work. Thanks!