Must manually link database on restart

Whenever I restart my Mac and then open DevonThink 3.0.3 I have to manually link my database to the program. I have looked at the posts of people who have had this problem in previous versions of DT but I haven’t found a solution.

I’m not sure what you mean by “linking”. Do you mean opening the database?

Databases that are open when DEVONthink closes should reopen when you next relaunch the application.

You can always open the database and choose Go > Workspaces: Add to create a workspace you can use to quickly open any number of databases.

What I mean is that, whenever I restart my Mac and then open DT 3.0.3, I must go to File/Open Recent/ and then click on my database. I only have one. It didn’t used to do this, before this started happening, I would open DT and the database would be ready for me. I hope that is more clear.

I have the same problem on one of my Macs but not the other. After a simple quit of DT3 and relaunch of the app it opens the databases which were open when it was closed, but after a machine reboot, I have to launch all the databases manually on my MacBook, but not my iMac.

I cant find a setting which controls this.

I cant find a setting which controls this.

If you’re referring to DEVONthink, there isn’t one.
We haven’t been able to reproduce this condition nor have we determined an external cause.