My #1 DTTG wish: ability to search the contents of a text document

My database has a LOT of scanned books, some of which were OCRed 20+ years ago. My standard procedure is to re-OCR these books, then convert the resulting PDF file to RTF because searching this way is crazy fast, and the file sizes are very small.

My conundrum, is this:

  • RTF files are lightening fast to search the contents of, no matter how huge they are—but this can only be done in DT3
  • RTF files wrap text to whatever device I’m using–a really great thing!
  • DTTG can’t search the contents of files other than PDF (as far as I know) searched; this can only be done in DT3

So, if one of these books comes up in a generalized search from DTTG, and I subsequently want to open that document and search the word or phrase from within the text-converted book, I can only do so if the RTF has been converted to PDF—and doing so on mobile or desktop takes forevvvver (whereas searching contents of huge text files, is nearly instantaneous in DT3).

My conclusion is that I need both RTF and PDF versions of these converted books at the present time. …unless there’s a better way that I’ve overlooked!

Searching also inside documents other than PDFs is already on our to-do list for the time when we have switched to a better text editor, which is what we’re working on right in this moment.


Love it!