My DEVONthink's Tools>Summarize Highlights is gone

“This is a screenshot of my DEVONthink page. Strangely, there’s no ‘Summarize Highlights’ option, although I’ve seen this feature in many people’s tutorials.”

This is a screenshot from someone else

This is a screenshot from someone else

The DEVONtechnologies folks will be curious to know the version number for macOS and DEVONthink, which you didn’t provide yet.

Looking for you in the “DEVONthink Manual”, release notes for Version 3.9.1 says:

As more than highlight annotations are summarized, the “Summarize Highlights” command menu has been renamed to Summarize Annotations in the Tools menu.

Does this help?


thank you for your reply.
May I ask another question? when I use the current ‘Summarize Annotations’ feature, it only compiles the annotations. If I still want to compile the highlighted sections into Markdown, how should I do it? I would appreciate your guidance

Highlights are annotations.

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I made highlight marks on DTG on the iPad, but when I switch to the Mac version and select ‘summarize annotations’, the highlighted content does not appear. How should I set this up?
The software versions are all up to date.

What kind of annotation tool did you use? It’s most likely not a PDF highlight annotation.

It’s just the built-in highlighter tool in DTG on the iPad by my apple pencil

A copy of the document would be useful.

there have a problem
summarize annotations only show the freeform note i added

and when i mark a highlight in the ipad,it will make a copy ,now in my inbox,there are 3 copy, how
to stop it

Most likely the sync duplicates the file in case of conflicts (after editing it on multiple devices), just check the Sync settings on all devices.

I feel like I’m missing something because nobody has remarked on it, but that tool you’ve selected isn’t the text highlighter, it’s the highlighter pen, and as far as I’m aware that highlighter pens aren’t picked up as an annotation in DT (or in any PDF app that supports annotations)?

The text highlighting tool is this one:

The highlighter pen is for drawing freeform highlights on a page. It creates a vector layer on the PDF, not an annotation.