My Global Inbox has a "no edit" icon & I can't move items

No edit.png I cannot move anything out of my global inbox to my other open databases. I have checked the properties in finder - nothing is “locked” or does not seem to have a read only status. I am sure I am being very stupid. The only clue might be the no edit symbol to the right of the Inbox. I have tried every menu, right clicking etc but nothing seems to find something to solve the problem. Sorry

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Does Tools > Rebuild Database… fix this?

Thanks for responding

For other open databases I can do all the tools menu. For this one sadly not.

The “inbox” in finder does not seem to be in the database but separate (with other files in it that I don’t seem to see in DevonThink)

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Please start a Support Ticket. Thanks

Do you use the latest version of DEVONthink?

Yes I use the latest version & check updates which have told me.
I will start a support ticket,
Thanks so much for your help, P