My Email address for forum not accepted

Hi there, How come when I signed up for this forum my email address Can I still change to back to my preferred email address? Please help, Rene

Yes, you should be able to update your profile yourself. If not, please send me a message.

I tried to change it and get this massage “The e-mail address you entered is not allowed to be used.” trying to enter rnetter [@} gmx [dot] net

Please help, Rene

You are right. Even I as the admin cannot easily override our ban of (and many others). We had to ban these (mostly) freemail providers as they are the #1 source for spam and we do not have the capacity to fight them manually.

So please continue to use your address. I hope for your understanding.

Rene, I recommend that you edit your posts and remove (or hide) your clear text email addresses. There are programs (“harvesters”) that regularly search forums like this and collect email addresses to send spam to.

Whenever posting your address publicly, you should obscure it a little. Something like “user (at) gmx (dot) net” is good enough to fool the harvesters.