My Scanner suddenly is not available within DTPO

I recently started using DTPO and I absolutely love this piece of software. However, the strangest thing has happened to my scanner setup. I am using a Brother MFC-J6910DW and have successfully used its ADF as well as its flatbed for a week, to scan a couple of hundred documents. All of a sudden it returns an error message after initializing and doing a preview scan. As soon as I try to scan it reports back:

Scanner Error: The operation is cancelled.

Now, the scanner works from every other piece of software in my computer, running OSX 10.7.3, and the latest drivers for my scanner printer. I did not perform n update of any sort between the machine working, and not working. It all came very sudden. I have restarted everything numerous times. Reinstalled the MFC-J6910DW, using WLAN as well as cabled network. The only way I can get it to work is using a USB-cable, which is not tat a big deal, but I´d rather have it connected to my network as before. Connectd through USB it works as always, so I am pretty sure it is a network error and not my machine.

I´ve tried pinging it, and it seems I cannot connect properly. Printing from within DTPO is no problem. Can it be that some port/IP address is stuck in the configuration files of DTPO? Someone having had the same problem?

Thankful for any ideas,