My Sorter Tab is lost...

For over a week now, I can’t seem to get the Sorter back. According to DTPO pref screen, it is running but clearly it is not displayed . I have tried to:
1- reset the full screen settings
2- Quit and restart the Sorter from DTPO pref screen
3- Reinstall DTPO from a fresh download and reinstall all complementary module
4- Delete .plist and other Sorter pref files

I still can’t see the Sorter at the border of my screen.

I am open to new suggestion. Thanks,


I have the same issue. I tried to delete the preferences, reinstall the sorter… My sorter is still lost.



Thanks to Bill DeVille, problem solved!

here are the steps:

Thanks Bill DeVille – your fix for the missing Sorter worked. After trashing the .plist and restart, it is now in what I presume is the default position, upper left corner. I prefer it on the right but no longer see a Preference for moving it. Is there a fix for this?

Click-hold and drag it to the opposite side. About halfway across the screen it should snap to the side you’re moving toward.

Got it. Doesn’t look like anything is happening until the grab cursor gets to the middle of the screen, so I thought it wasn’t working. Thanks.

No problem

I followed the steps above and I still don’t have the Sorter. After the Restart I went to Preferences and the Sorter box was unchecked. Suggestions? Thanks in advance

Please start a Support Ticket. Thanks