Mysterious duplicates created in indexed iCloud-synced folders

When I upgraded to DT3, I also switched from using Dropbox to iCloud for my main file folders. (I index these folders in DT3.) Previously I used DTPO and Dropbox.

Recently I’ve noticed the seemingly-random creation of duplicates in the macOS file system. A file can be duplicated up to half a dozen times in an hour. It only happens to files I’m actively working on, but I can’t pin down an exact pattern.

It may not have anything to do with DEVONthink, but some exploratory conversations on Mac Power Users indicates that someone else has had a similar experience.

So, has anyone else witnessed this? Or does anyone have any thoughts on a possible cause?

The leading guess is because DT3 has improved (faster? more often?) indexing, iCloud and DEVONthink syncs conflict when they happen simultaneously, resulting in the syncing of half-synced files or something.

This is what fixed it for me, perhaps it can help.

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Aha, thanks much. I tried searching, but apparently I did a terrible job, as that thread describes my issue exactly.

Verifying uploaded files was the only thing I hadn’t selected before, so we’ll try that.

Does this still happen after disabling the automatic/scheduled sync in DEVONthink?

If this still happens after the enabling the Verify preference on iCloud sync, I’ll try this and let you know.