Hi everyone. I keep getting errors when my database syncs: The operation couldn’t be completed. (CKERRORDOMAIN error 15). No idea what this means nor how to fix it! Help!! I have checked the forum and saw this error referenced but not how to fix it. Thanks

This is a CloudKit error from Apple’s servers. (CK = CloudKit). That error indicates a server issue, not a sync issue.

As has been asked many times on these forums: “Do you need a remote sync option?”. Consider these questions…

  • Do you have a colleague, assistant, significant other, etc. that needs frequent updates to synced data?
  • Are you using a shallow sync, i.e., Download Files: On demand in DEVONthink To Go?

If the answer is no to either question, a local sync on your network is suggested.

Dear Blue Frog,

Requesting your patience again. I keep getting this error and it refers only to my inbox which I sync with my IPad. I’m happy to have a local sync with my Ipad instead how do I do that?

Use Bonjour, which it’s setup is fully explained in the “DEVONthink Manual”, and supplemented by Bonjour Simplified

You are just providing yet more data/experience about the unreliability of Apple’s sync services for anything more complicated than calendars, et. al.

Thanks for prompt reply… as always. Viva Devonthink!