Namazu search engine

I created a plugin for the Namazu search engine ( and I ran into one trouble spot: To get the most results back, I needed to surround all my search terms with asterisks. For example, if I’m searching for:

I would want the agentQuery to be:

In the end, I couldn’t find a way to get DA to do this. Also note that I can’t just directly put the asterisks in in the default query itself because this causes the wrong text to be identified in the “Pages” tab. I played around with the secondary query as well but the results weren’t much better.

Here’s what I’m using right now that works as long as only a single search term is used (note that I have the necessary asterisks embedded directly in the URL):


Any ideas on how to get DA to work best with this search engine?

You’re probably doing a wildcard/substring search that way, this is of course returning many more results but probably many wrong results too. Especially if a word contains only 1-3 characters.

This is not possible.

I was hoping for an answer more along the lines of, this is not currently possible, but we can add that capability in a future version. Possibly something along the lines of an array of regex expressions to run on the agentQuery prior to using it.