"Name" placeholder inside WikiLinks template expands to original document

When I use the Name placeholder inside a WikiLinks template, and create a new document using the wiki facility, the new document seems to get the name of the document I’m editing, not the new document created by the auto-wiki-linking facility. For example, if my template is this:

and while I’m editing a document named “top-level document”, I add a wiki link like this,


then click on the link, the new document begins with the text


instead of what I thought would happen, which is that Name would expand to “a new document”.

Is this the expected behavior? Am I doing something wrong? And if not, if I wanted the thing to expand to the new/current document’s name, what template placeholder should I use?

It is, that way properties of the original document can be used in the template.

Thanks for your quick reply!

Okay, I can see the rationale. May I recommend making a clarification about this fact in the DEVONthink 3.5 documentation for the Name and Proposed Name placholders? The current descriptions (“Name: The name or title of the file.”) don’t make it clear which file is being referred to. (I interpreted it to mean the current file, meaning the file where the placeholder is located.) The same seems to hold true for placeholders such as Group Name.

So, is there a way to make the placeholders refer to the current file?

That’s not possible.

I found a way to get the current file/document name, at least. I noticed it when editing the default wiki template on another computer: there is a %@ placeholder which expands to the target file name.

I can’t find it described in the user manual, but maybe I’m simply missing it.