Naming Bug with DT3 Sorter

I can add a database Inbox to my Favorites and it shows up in Favorites with the name of the database, such as Richard DT3 here:


However in the Sorter it appears as “Inbox” rather than the name of the database. This is of course a problem because it is not apparent which inbox it refers to.


Separate question - is it possible to add the Global Inbox as a Favorite? It is greyed out when I try:

You need to switch on Show inboxes only in sidebar in General Preferences. This will add all the Inboxes under Globals with the database names instead of Inbox, and you will also be able to add the main Inbox as a favourite.


If you want your Inboxes also in their database, you can add back as a smart folder. I actually thinks this solution works better than having the option switched off.

That lets me add the Global Inbox to a sorter favorite - thanks.

But database inboxes still show up in the sorter as simply “Inbox” with no reference to the database - so I cannot tell from the sorter which Inbox it is referring to:


If I open up the Inspector on the right and select the Inbox, I can change its name in the name field. This works for me.

You can also paste in a different icon into the icon box, someone did some coloured icons.

Which Inspector?

The right hand side, you can open a panel, make sure you are on the ‘I’, and Generic, and it is scrolled up to the top.


If you want to add the Inbox back into your database, create a smart folder with the name Inbox, search in the Databases Inbox, and make the kind any document.

Only downside, if you use folders in your inbox that is, you won’t see them. And you can’t add any documents to the smart folder, only via the actual Inbox in Globals.


The correct name is there and in fact shows up in Favorites. The problem is that the Sorter shows “Inbox” as the name and not the full name of the inbox.

I see what you’re saying. I don’t use favourites. I’d put it in as a bug.
The icons do show up…


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