Navigating from group in favorites to the location in the database

I am looking for how to navigate from a listing of a group that is in favorites to location of that group in the DT3 database.

But I want to open it here. How?

I select a file and do a Reveal.

  • If it is expanded and that group is visible than it does select it.

  • If the group is not visible because the database is not expanded but folded, nothing happens. It does not expand the database to that group and select it.
    Can it work in this case as well?


You could click on the enclosing group in the path bar.

Ok thanks that works.

I would like the option go using cmd ctrl g to go to the group using just the keyboard. When I do this it does take me to that group and it is selected but does not have the keyboard focus. It would be helpful if it did. do you think that this is the desired behavior.


The group should be selected in the main view in this case. A screenshot might be useful.

It is but does not have keyboard focus and if I use the arrow keys it does not move within the navigator pane but within the file group list pane.

Which view is used before/after going to the enclosing group?

It looks like this - not keyboard focused.

but not this

After going to the enclosing group (see Go menu) it should be selected in the main view which should have the focus. Or if you just want to rename the group, you could also use the Info inspector.

OK, many thanks for your information and clarification. It is very helpful to me.