Navigating in-doc search results

When navigating the 50+ results of a search within a PDF, I tend to loose tracks.

I start “arrowing down” in the search results inspector but then am caught up by the content of the page and read a few paragraphs or pages and then… I am there, having scrolled a few pages, and I would have to get back to arrowing down the search results list but I kind of saw I jumped over a dozen of them while reading the content.

What I would wish for is (in order of personal preference):

  • either than the highlighted search result follows my scrolling of the document page (some people might not like that at all, though)
  • or that if i click on a highlighted search result on the page, it gets highlighted in the search results inspector,
  • or that I can what PDF page I am currently viewing so that I can visually match back in the search results list.

Any of these solutions would allow me to navigate search results in a flexible manner and stay on tracks.

The Table of Contents inspector works already in a similar way, this might be the most consistent option.

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oh and “thumbnails” follows as well.

Thank you @cgrunenberg & co for having implemented: “The Search inspector updates automatically after scrolling PDF, web, or text documents” in 3.8.7! It is so useful to me.

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You’re welcome!