Navigation problem


i have this setup:

global inbox, no groups. 3 files.

  • markdown
  • pdf
  • pdf

i select the markdown. jump down to the content area with ctrl+tab. i type something. i press ⌘pagedown and ⌘pageup.
i am now back at the original file. the line of the file in the filelist is not fully selected (i.e. blue) but rather grey. this means it doesnt have the focus, right?
question now is, where am i? cos i am not in the content area either. if i type something, nothing happens, cursor isn’t blinking either.
if i ^tab once, i am in the group list.

whats going on here?


[tease] You are spending time trying to save time by keyboarding. [/tease]

Back in the day Apple did a lot of timed tests comparing keyboarders to users who also used the mouse.

The mousers almost always won, but the keyboarders always thought they won. :slight_smile:

Sorry, I don’t have your answer, because in that circumstance I would flick the cursor with the trackpad.

Which isn’t to say there’s not an answer.

Give me a real physical keyboard, though, when I’m editing text on an iPad. It can be a struggle to place the cursor where you want it by touching the screen.

Sounds like the focus is in the Tags bar.

if you can flick that quicker with your trackpad than i can press a single keyboard shortcut you must have the quickest fingers in all of the US. lucky wife of yours :wink:

the cursor is not blinking in the Tags bar either
edit: which isnt even visible in my setup anyways

What view do you use?

as Three Panes


I’ve switched to the Three Pane view, and I’ve tried the above and the command-pagedown (↡) and command-pageup (↟) keystrokes always toggle the cursor to the end/beginning of the document, respectfully. This is on a MacBook Pro keyboard-what keyboard are you using? Using any shortcut utilities like Keyboard Maestro or an assigned shortcut in the System Keyboard preference that may have the command-pagup keystroke assigned to something else?

huh… no, its the regular keyboard shortcut for

Go > Previous Document
Go > Next Document

and no, keyboard maestro isn’t assigned to those shortcuts.

My mistake, I was using command-down arrow in the above example to move to the end/beginning of the document.

However, using fn-command-down arrow (command-pagedown) or fn-command-up arrow (command-pageup) does move me to the next/previous document in the list as expected.

Edited to add: OK, I finally see what you mean-there does appear to be a point where the focus is lost-typing just results in an error beep, and the user must shortcut or click to regain a focus.

what shortcut are you using to regain the focus?

Same as you-control-tab.

Ok. Thank you for confirming/trying.