Nearly perfect: a feedback

i purchased DTP because i wanted to catalog and (important!) preview my .doc-files. That works perfect!
After reading in the forum and manual i was excited, what else i can do with dtp. So it took me two days to try some functions i would love to use but failed at last:

-mail-import from entourage is perfect, but i can´t update and have to copy the whole mailbox again. in the end that´s useless for me (thinkarch won´t work because of apple-script-failure).
-cd-cataloging of existing cds was not possible (because of files that are not supported or missing suffixes, i assume). the whole system slowed down. obviously i can´t delete this files on every cd.the behaviour must be different from indexing files!?
-dtp gives no information about occurring errors. so i don´t know if dt is still indexing or if there is another reason for the spinnig ball. a good cd is
indexed in minutes, a bad cd not in hours!

so: dtp makes everything, but not everything as good as other software. i think for me v2 will be the solution (i hope), but i´m afraid it will be Version 2 and not 1.2 and i will have to pay again!?


I’m a beginner but I can tell you I indexed audio CDs very easily. You need to open iTunes first or else the tracks will show up as Track 1, Track 2, etc. When you have the titles of the tunes and the title of the CD, just drag & drop the tracks to DT Pro. Can’t be easier.

Hi, thanks, i see:
cataloging every file that is supported by DT is quite easy, but for example: i wanted to catalog some CDs that came with mac-magazines. Lots of unsupported files for example an app. DT can´t copy with this. So I can´t catalog every CD (like with CD-Finder). Consequence: for cataloging CDs, i have to use a specialized software, though DT can do this (theoretically!).

I think you can if you check “Unknown files” in the preferences.

Tried again: two cds indexed: no problem. great!
Third cd, nothing happens but the ugly, ugly spinning ball and full cpu-power. DT started indexing but then hung at a folder named “test”: after 25 minutes i stopped DTP (other cds took 3 min.). Powerbook got hot. Two out of three ain´t enough. Maybe a PB Ti 667 1GB RAM isn´t enough ,too??

I’m not entirely certain what you want to do, including how you plan to use the data captured into DT Pro.

Can you describe what was in the “Test” folder, such as the number and type of files?

I have some cds from a mac-magazine with software and other files. i just want to index these cds (and of course with all files!). so i can search their content without inserting the cd (i think that´s what for example tri-catalog does without problems). The “test”- folder is an original folder on one of the mac-mag-cds. in this folder there are four sit, dmg and zip files each in a folder. the first file´s name has the form of: softwaredemo.dmg.sit . the folder has a size of 100mb, so it should be no big deal for dtp. It should be a normal routine for dtp and it worked with some cds, but it didn´t for some others. As i said: perhaps a problem with the file-format (sit) or a missing suffix? and yes: i checked “unknown files”

If you want to view the contents of the file without inserting the CD you will have to use Import (i.e., copy the files into your database).

I’ve never checked importing a .sit file. And files lacking a suffix might cause a problem. You might try copying the CD contents to a folder on your hard drive, adding necessary suffixes and try the Import again.

maybe my englisch is not good enough for discussing technical problems (in which i´m not really interested anyway). What i´m doing with dt ist just trial and error to find a solution to view all files on a cd in dt without inserting the cd. I don´t want to import because of big databases. Now i tried to index the cd without checking any files to import but unknown files checked. small database but not every file is shown. The problem with cd-importing or -indexing is still that the “normal” way doesn´t work for all of my cds, because of slowing down the system. maybe it takes to much cpu to index a sit-file? Speculating! I really don´t want to copy files and try and try. Maybe i just can´t expect dtp to be cdFinder or tri-catalog?
Thanks for any given support here anyway!

It’s hard for me to check .sit files, as I don’t have Stuffit installed on this computer. I tried indexing a .sit file and DT Pro didn’t really look inside the archive, just linked to it. Stuffit is no longer included on OS X installations, but can be downloaded.

To others: Has anyone successfully indexed .sit archives with DT Pro?

No, DT doesn’t index .sit files. But maybe it’s “just” a CD specific issue? E.g. sometimes a combination of certain CDs and certain drives performs poorly.

I tried another method to index audio CDs by first indexing them in CDpedia, a CD cataloguing app, and exporting the track lists to .txt format. It takes more time but you get a lighter database.

A better method for indexing audio CDs—not only that actually—is using [url=]Touvaly.[/url]

Description from their website:

Very useful, very easy to use, very recommended. Oh yes, it costs $25.

You can do the same for free if you copy and paste a selection of files in finder and you past on a text field (like textedit).

Problem is, I tried to do this (copy & paste in Finder + Paste in TextEdit) but I only got the icons of the folders, nothing more, they’re not clickable. No data, no name of the folders, no nothing. Maybe I did something wrong :confused:

Sounds like you’re pasting into a rich text TextEdit window. Try switching it to plain text beforehand with Make Plain Text (shift-command-T), although that’ll lose any preexisting text styles, images, etc.

Plain text doesn’t help. I only have the name of the folder.
If I select Shift-Command-T before copying from Finder, I get a totally useless text line that reads: Users/ bla bla bla. Nothing about the content of the folder.

Here’s an example:

• Open a plain text TextEdit window
• Open ~/Documents folder in icon view
• Edit > Select All (command-A) folder contents
• Edit > Paste (command-V) into TextEdit window

That generates a list of files from ~/Documents in the TextEdit window. No subfolders

Or maybe I’m misunderstanding what you’re trying to do? I was just explaining xizzy’s instructions in more detail.

Thanks for your help :wink:
Umm yes, I see what you mean. I tried it but really that’s not convenient in my case. Just to make things a bit more complicated, there’s sometimes a sub-folder (I’m talking about my musical database, the largest one by far). Here I only have its name, nothing about its content. And just to make things much more complicated, I keep in one folder several versions of a given show, each version having its sub-folder. It’s a complex set-up. And even if it worked properly, I would have to do it by hand about 1000 times. Argh :confused:
I’m afraid I’ll have to stick to Touvaly unless I find another option. . .

Sorry I can’t be more helpful. I’ve never really needed cataloguing/indexing software so it’s not something I’m too familiar with.

Edit: Alorsoft Media Indexer is a newcomer in that category, which is free at least while it’s still in beta.