NeatDesk ADF problems (Mac OS 10.6.7)

Greetings, I just picked up the trial of DT Office and have been fiddling around to get my NeatDesk scanner to work with it optimally.

Right now, the workflow is a little dodgy. The scanner does show up in Image Capture and appears to work properly there (more on the problems there in a minute), but if I try to use the Import -> Document via Image Capture, I’m instantly hit with a “No supported scanner detected” message, and a prompt to head over to Image Capture and select a scanner.

Better yet, it’s gone. Power cycling the scanner causes it to reappear in image capture, but it still doesn’t work in the DT scan window, producing a “Could not initialize the scanner” message.

Worth noting is that the scanner does work if I just use Image Capture independent of DT. I’m stuck with a number of equally unpleasant options, however.

1: Use Image Capture, set my options, and control the scan from there (setting the target to DT)
Problem: Each page of the document is imported separately, and then once again as the combined document if I have that option set in the capture window. So (pages + 1) basically. It’s workable, but annoying

2: Use the front panel controls on the scanner to scan a PDF, setting the target to the DT inbox using the filesystem.
Problem: Scans alright, but DT does not run OCR on the resultant PDF, rendering this option somewhat worthless.

Also worth noting is that in either case, this scanner picks up the bottom page of a stack first, and I don’t see any easy way to reverse the scan order.

Anyways, fixing one of these three methods would make my day! If I can either scan directly from DT, use Image Capture without getting a bunch of dupes, or scan from the front panel and OCR the result, either of these options would be acceptable.

Can anyone help me out?

You can OCR images & PDF documents anytime via Data > Convert > To Searchable PDF. A smart group to find not yet OCRed documents is available via Data > New From Template > Smart Groups.