NeatReceipts Scanner

I would suggest DEVON contact NeatReceipts to have this scanner also work directly with DTPO. Be a nice fit with my ScanSnap.

I would also like to be able to use the neatreceipts scanner from directly within Devonthink. Please work with them to get it working.

The last post was in January. Is there any chance of this happening?


I tried to get hold of one of their scanners but they don’t even deliver to Europe, there are no resellers, and when I tried to get it shipped to our US office they rejected our company credit card. This company does not seem to be an easy partner for neither businesses nor consumers :wink:

That doesn’t sound good. I managed to get a demo unit (believe me it was NOT easy!!!) to test for a couple of groups of medical professionals a few months ago. I was amazed at the hoops I had to jump thru, but from what I’ve heard from others, it is the norm for them.

I must say, I love the device, but I was very disappointed that I couldn’t get it to play nice with DTPO, even though it was recognized. I’ve been waiting for v2.0, thinking the missing functionality would be there. I had no idea that DEVONtech didn’t even have the equipment with which to do testing!! Wow!

Seems like the NEAT folks would be jumping thru their own hoops to have integration with DTPO, since the ScanSnap is their primary competitor. Don’t know if it will help, but it can’t hurt. Eric, following is the media representative’s contact info (this is who I dealt with to get a demo unit). Maybe you can contact him and he’ll hook you up :slight_smile:

Jeff Vogel, NeatReceipts Media Representative
215-382-3300 x.103

Please keep us posted…Cheers!

Giving this thread a little bump. Eric, I wondered if you had any success in acquiring a NEAT Receipts Scanner for some testing. Also wondered if anyone else has been using it, and if so, what kind of results are you having?
Thanks for any words of wisdom. :slight_smile:

Saw their product on display at the Toronto airport recently – very slick. Website looks good, too. Would be interested to see how this compares to the Fujitsu Scansnap, and whether it can be paired up with DT Pro Office.

I just downloaded an update to my NeatReceipts software, and was surprised to find they had changed the app name name to NeatWorks. The release notes for v2 noted a lot of changes, including the ability to scan and analyze business cards and put them into your Address Book. It also creates searchable PDFs and exports to Quicken. They added support for Canon, HP, and ScanSnap scanners.

I haven’t tried it with DTPO yet, but will soon. I’m in the midst of a move, so I haven’t gotten my office quite put together yet :wink: I’ll report back when I see how it works.

No, I have not even heard back of them. I also chatted to their support but they just told me: Not to Europe, sorry. US credit card used from Europe: No, we don’t accept this, sorry." But I may give this another try even though it is truly tedious.

“US credit card used from Europe: No, we don’t accept this, sorry.”

I don’t understand this part at all. You mean they won’t accept the credit card if the IP address shows outside the U.S? If so, then just use a U.S. proxy server for the order which is what I do all the time in that case because some systems have not quite realized the concept of expatriates. If they won’t ship to Europe at all, that is something else but anybody passing thought a major airport can pick one up as they have booths all over the place.

I just bought one on a trip to the U.S. and I love it.

Their practices are ridiculous! You’d think they would be jumping thru hoops to try to help you guys, seeing as how many people would potentially buy the NEAT Receipt Scanner over the Fujitsu to save $100+, esp. if they didn’t need the extra features and capabilities of the Fujitsu. But, we all want to know how to best use it, what’s compatible/what’s not, etc., and that is best accomplished with DEVONtechnologies actually having their hands on one :confused:

Eric, I’ll be happy to purchase one and send it to you and you can just Paypal me the $$ or whatever. Just let me know.

Thank you for the offer! We have just last week been contacted by THEM through one of their engineers and they have now devoted one developer to making their driver work with DEVONthink — let’s see how this develops. Seems something is moving there :wink:

YAY!! It’s about time! Maybe they have been alerted by all the people telling them they use DTPO and they want compatibility. I know I have :wink:

Please keep us updated.

I am glad to see some discussion on the Neatworks software on this site. I pruchased the scansnap S510M, its a great scanner. It came with a boat load of software, and yet the Fujitzu sales rep also recommended I go directly to Neatworks and pick up the neatreceipts software, as my goal was/is to clear out all the receipts, and papers, etc, cluttering and reduce my filing, ie, shred, shred, shred.

I purchased the Neatworks software, and have been mostly pleased with it. The accuracy of pre-filling in forms is not that good, it is not that bad but you certainly cannot rely on it, and it does not have any sort of AI assisting in the recognition of your commonly used receipts. In other words, if you shop at Publix grocery store frequently, and you scan the receipt, and you correct any errors in the inputs of the automatically filled in form, the software does not remember using any kind of pattern recognition, that the next publix receipt is from publix, its a grocery store, the date is located here, the final amount is located here, etc. It just makes the same errors as before, not having learned anything. That is the biggest flaw in my opinion. The other big flaw, though, is that it does not have your predictive searching, relation analyzing of the OCR words, so it cannot make suggestions when searching for a document. One other problem is that if you scan too many document pages at once, it crashes (freezes - depending on the settings you choose, of course, effects how many pages you can scan). On the good side, the scansnap scanner using neatworks is lightening fast on the physical scanning, but there is quite a wait time on the OCR processing, and if you overdue it, ie, if you don’t wait for some of those documents to finish their OCR process, that is how you crash it. Otherwise I am pleased with it. It sounds like I am very critical of the software, but I am not critical of it, I am rather pleased with it, and I would have been perfectly happy had I not discovered DT/DA. Why did you guys have to have such a good document cataloguing/searching system with AI? Had you not done that, my search would be over and I would be smacking my heels together over the great software from neatworks.

Now, the only solution is for you and neatworks to operate together. I would like to have each document go through both of your software packages, so I can get the best of both worlds. In a perfect world, I would want it to be an automated process managed in the background, so that I would only have to scan one time.

Can you recommend how I could set up my software and scan processes to literally get the best of both software packages abilities?

By the way, is that too much to ask? :slight_smile: