Need custom script for importing from Evernote

I am trying to migrate my content from Evernote. I tried using the built-in Import from Evernote function, but the problem is that while each Notebook becomes a group (great), each group now has multiple Notes, and a flat list of all the embedded files that my various Notes had. This means that I have now lost the connection between each Note and the specific files that used to be inside of it. I need to preserve my original linkage. Is there a way to import it so that:

  1. make each notebook a group, and each Note a subgroup, and each of those Note’s embedded files to be contained as a list of objects inside that Note subgroup.

  2. at the spot in the text where the embedded file used to be located in each Note, there should now be a link to each item, so I can traverse to it when reading the Note

  3. keywords/tags should be moved appropriately (unless tags/keywords cannot work in Devonthink to search for items, or to make a smartgroup of items matching those tags/keywords)

    is this possible? Would anyone be willing to write me a script like this as a consulting project?

Take a look at Justin Lancey’s work at Veritrope. One or another of his DEVONthink / Evernote scripts might be useful for you. Justin is very helpful. I don’t know if he does custom work any more – but he often jumps in where something is interesting to him.

Thanks. Is there another script besides this one: … -exporter/

I left Justin an email on his site yesterday, awaiting hearing back.

He’s faster with tweets 8)

Dare I admit, I don’t use Twitter and have no idea how to contact someone with Tweets. Is there a way to “message” him directly with Tweets that would be appropriate?

The next maintenance release will include these improvements.

super!! Any idea when that is happening?

We’ve just released version 2.8.6, therefore probably later this summer.

Something else that might be improved relating to evernote import is having URLs pointing not to the evernote note (i.e. evernote://), but to the URL the evernote note itself is pointing to (http:// …). I understand it might be useful for some people to link back to evernote, but I would rather maintain the original link.

+1 good idea

This is what makes software development more difficult, application Preferences bloat out of control, and makes Applescript / etc. even more valuable.

Just something to consider. :smiley: 8)

Maintaining the original URL is important to me so I stopped using the built-in Evernote importer and instead export notes from Evernote then drag the exported .enex file into DT. This maintains the original URL as the link. I wonder if the difference in behavior is deliberate.

What behavior and on who’s part?

Sorry, I was referring to how DEVONthink handles the URL field during imports. When using File->Import from within DT the URL is set as a link to the original Evernote note (e.g. theoriginalcontentsource).

I much prefer the latter behavior. I can’t think of a use case where one would want an imported note’s URL to link to the identical (at the time of import) note in Evernote. One also loses the information about the original content’s URL. There may be a use case, I just can’t think of one :slight_smile:.

This was in response to User requests to link the two apps together.

Has this maintenance release happened yet?

V2.8.7 includes most of these suggestions.