Need folders to organize search sets

I am accumulating dozens and dozens of search sets and I see no way to organize them, forcing me to scroll though a very large list to find what I want. What about implementing some folders to help with this issue?

Thanks for the suggestion, this is planned for a future release but not for the upcoming minor maintenance releases.

Any chance this will be in a foreseeable release? I am getting quite cranky now in having to locate a single search set among the hundreds that I have. Even just a search function would greatly improve the situations but folders + search would be optimal. This seems to me a glaring commission in the program and I cannot believe I am the only one facing the issue after using DA for so many years.

Version 3.9.5 will be just maintenance and e.g. improve the compatibility to Sierra. And probably you’re indeed the only one, at least as far as I can remember it’s the first time that someone uses hundreds of search sets.

213 search sets to be exact and growing…I won’t quarrel with your assessment but I cannot believe there are not others who have to track a large number of searches. I have been doing that even before I used DA when I was on the PC and using Copernic Agent.

Anyway, even if there were fewer, say 50 or so, it is still cumbersome, unaesthetic, and time-wasting scrolling threw a long list of titles. It also forces the user to have to remember what all of the searches were related to if there is no other way to note that and there is no way to make comments on a search set or more importantly, search the list.

Clearly I cannot force my priorities on a developer but I do believe that the ability to organize and search search sets would only improve the product and perhaps encourage people to keep track of a larger number of searches. For myself, given how large this list is, the product may become unwieldy for me fairly soon.

Curious… I don’t now of anyone even tracking 50. :smiley:

I am not sure what I can say about this…I am not in a position to contradict what you are saying but, once again, on the contrary I would find it odd if there were not many people who need to track a large number of searches. All I can for sure is that I do and in my experience I am rarely the only one doing things a certain way.

If nothing else, a simple search field would at least alleviate some of the burden and that cannot be a monumental programming task I would think.

No worries. Just saying I haven’t run into anyone using even that many. Not saying there aren’t… or are.

Just to be clear on how I work… I track people and groups. Each time I do a search on a person or group I save the search set in case I need to come back later and see what information is new. I don’t have to do this in every case but I don’t know ahead of time when I will need to do it so I save every search set. I’ve been using the program for 10 years but not seriously saving search sets until the last three or but saving say five searches a week will add up pretty quickly.

I have no idea how anybody else is using the program but that’s how I do it and therefore I need a way to search my search sets and, ideally organize them into folders. Even better would be the way to record some notes for each set. Without carrying on this discussion endlessly. I continue to believe there must be more user like me.

Do you work for the NSA? Oh wait… that would require searchSets in the millions! :mrgreen:

We all want to believe that. :wink: :laughing: Cheers!

Many professions do this…journalists, lawyers, private investigators, academics, etc,etc. what is the professional profile of DA users? Who would need such a program if not people like these?

We have a very diverse clientele. It’s not a narrowly defined demographic and people use our apps in the way that suits them. There is no “right way” to use them.

I think I’ll just end it here since it’s clear I’m not making my point successfully. Anyway, I’ve been using this product for over 10 years so I think I’m pretty clear on the concept. I guess I’m just reacting to being told that I’m the only one who uses the product in the way that I do. That’s generally not the way developers respond to feature requests so I guess I was a bit surprised… Anyway so be it. I remain skeptical.

I would like to post another plea for a way to organize search sets and/or, at the very least, a way to search. I currently am tracking over 200 searches and it is at the point where it is very, very difficult to find the one I need. Even just a way to sort the list would be helpful.

The list can be sorted via drag & drop but not automatically yet.

I, too, wish that DA had better support for organizing and finding search sets. Folders + filtering (search!) would be good. I currently separate “groups” with empty search sets named “-----” and it’s annoying.

edit: here’s a person who asked for the same thing two years prior! Can we make Search Set "folders" ?