Need for DEVONnote?

This may be a strange question, however, if one has DEVONthink (or DEVONthink Pro), is there or would there be a need for DEVONnote? I purchased DEVONthink and I am trying to weigh whether I should also purchase DEVONnote.

I’ve never used the “Note” version but is my understanding that DEVONnote is just DEVONthink personal edition “lite” version; there is nothing you can do with Note that isn’t already encompassed in PE and Pro.


I use DN for storing up material either for teaching (arranged by courses) or essays, reviews, and ideas that are in an early stage of gestation. Books in progress go into DTP. DN files export easily to DTP.

DN loads very quickly and the database files copy easily to a laptop. Often I use DN in classes, to video-project either notes or web sites.

So I find it very handy. It might also serve as a PIM, with addresses and such. Sometimes I don’t need all the tools of DT or DTP; on those occasions, DN is just right.