Need help for one line coding to open inbox

I sometime will hide the sidebar to maximise the space or to focus on reading but may need to jump to one specific group and inbox to check for info. So I’m going to attach two buttons to the toolbar (for me, this is faster than using go to)

For group/s, I can use uuid:

tell application id “DNtp”

open window for record (get record with uuid “154358C8-58D4-4830-A341-FB9F232E18E4”)

end tell

But how to open global inbox coz there is no copy item link function for me to get its uuid.

Thanks in advance

p.s. I tried something like this but doesn’t work:

open window for record database id 1 of application id “DNtp”

Here’s the learning edition…

tell application id "DNtp"
	set recUUID to (uuid of inbox)
        -- Inbox is a property of its own
	set rec to get record with uuid recUUID
	open window for record rec
end tell

Thank you!

You’re welcome.