Need help - new user

I’m a new Devonthink Pro Office user. Having two issues… 1)When printing PDF files, I select “Save to Devonthink Pro” - the file appears to print, but I can’t locate it anywhere. Not in inbox, not in global inbox, cannot be located with search - appears to be nonexistent. 2)In trying to obtain email help from Devonthink, using the Contact Us page, the “Send Enquiry” button is greyed out and will not send. So - I can’t get the software to function properly and I can’t get support to figure out what is wrong. HELP!!

Re printing PDFs to a database, two tips:

A) I always use the full Search window rather than the Toolbar query field (which doesn’t search across all open databases). The Search window allows inspection of the settings, and adds a number of features and options that are not available in the Toolbar search. See Tools > Search.

B) The destination of most new content is controlled by the option selected in Preferences > Import - Destination. Try the option, “Select group”. When you “print” to DEVONthink, a HUD will let you choose any group in an open database, or even creat a new group.

The trick is you have to enter more than 50 characters in your message before the “Send enquiry” button is activated. I suppose it’s an anti-spamming “feature” - but it flummoxed me too until I wrote a long message to support to ask what’s going on :laughing: