Need help troubleshooting a smart rule

I’m using a smart rule to help me label the documents that have been sitting in my global inbox for too long.

I’ve restricted groups and tags because I don’t want them to receive the label. But my annotations group and global inbox’s tags are still receiving the label. What am I doing wrong?

Just use the condition Kind is Any Document instead of the current Kind setup which is always true.

Ah, it works! That’s simpler than I thought.

But for my own knowledge, what’s the error I made in the logic of the smart rule? Say, I want tags labelled, but not groups.

Any should be All.

There would be no need for such complicated criteria to match tags. If you’re looking for tags in your tags group, they’re ordinary tags…

This would match ordinary and group tags in a database…

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The condition says “Any of the following are true”:

A group is not a smart group and therefore this is true, just like a smart group is not a group and documents are neither tags nor (smart) groups. And therefore this condition matches all kinds of items.

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This is a great use of a smart rule. What do you plan to do once the rule has admonished you for files sitting in your global inbox for more than a week?

(Just being nosy since I also regularly have files sitting there for more than a week!)

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Oh, not much really. It’s more a visual nag: “Look at me!”, and a priority when I process my inbox. I have another smart rule that changes the label to “One Month” after 30 days. That is when I decide on the spot to either process it, or delete it. I make it a point to make an immediate decision. Because if I can’t decide what to do with it, or where to move the file after a month, it is not worth keeping.