Need some assistance setting up a scanner import...

I just bought an HP printer/scanner to convert my house to paperless! I downloaded the paperless office DB and am off and running! I am very happy with the results so far except for a couple of time saving issues. The HP Scan Pro software is appalling, as it crashes with every PDF scan I do, but a TIFF scan works fine. Then I manually import images via OCR. As long as I set the scanner software to 300DPI, then the import works and the image is searchable. I wanted to import as PDF originally. Am I causing any long term pain but importing as a TIFF?

I would really like to set up a folder action that will import the images as OCR automatically to my DB inbox whether they be PDF or TIFF, once the scan is complete and move the copy to the trash. This will allow me to work solely on doing the scans, and letting the script or workflow do the rest.

I haven’t had too much luck with the sample scripts, but if someone could help me modify an existing workflow or script, I would be greatly appreciative!


I guess after a week, I will do a small bump… :wink:

I’m guessing I can’t help much, but … I’m currently using the HP Scan Pro software and it is working fine for me, including saving PDFs. These are probably things you’ve already done, but let me ask anyway: Have you downloaded the latest HP drivers from their website and also the ones available through Software Update? Have you tried contacting HP support? Also, when I’m done with the scan, I get the option to e-mail, save to file, print, or fax, could you “print” rather than save as a PDF and then from the print dialog box, save as PDF to DevonThink?

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Thanks! That did it…The HP scanner software was updated this last week. Now my scans are screaming fast! It is automated all the way to the save prompt inside Devonthink. I can live with that. It gives me the ability to save the name of the image. Other than that it works great now, and seriously 5 times faster for the scans.