Need some help getting file errors to stop

I’m getting a few file errors all the time.

I just got a new iPad and added it to my Devonthink to go.

I’m using cloudkit. It worked great when it was just my Mac and iPhone. But now something isn’t quite working right.

These are the errors I’m getting.

4/5/23, 7:32:33 PMWed: Request failed with http status code 503 CKErrorDomain 6
4/5/23, 7:37:23 PMWed: Request failed with http status code 503 CKErrorDomain 6
4/5/23, 7:42:00 PMWed: Request failed with http status code 503 CKErrorDomain 6
4/5/23, 7:47:09 PMWed: iCloud (CloudKit) File 701554738.627-7284d87d36ee7a2118fd61a0576d4f04ebdef353-2534200945.manifest missing of database Persuasion Selling.
4/5/23, 7:47:13 PMWed: iCloud (CloudKit) File 702321637.179-7284d87d36ee7a2118fd61a0576d4f04ebdef353-1461242881.manifest missing of database Inbox.

How can I get this to stop. I’m not even sure what file it is as that seems to be an internal database name that Devonthink gave it

I’m not sure how to try to find the file. I rebuild the database and it’s still missing and it is spewing errors on all three devices.

Any help would be really appreciate it.

Looks like Apple’s CloudKit is failing for you. Other posts here you can find says the same that Apple’s service is unreliable for some (many?).

Consider dropping Apple’s CloudKit and use something else. I use Bonjour.

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Is a verification of the sync store successful? At least the 503 errors were temporary server issues but temporary server issues might also cause real & persistent issues.

From the Troubleshooting > Sync Issues > Common Questions section of the built-in Help and manual

Well, I think I hosed myself good this time.

I had everything working perfectly between my Mac and my iPhone with cloudkit. Then I tried to do what I referenced above and when I did, it started throwing all kinds of errors when I tried to add my iPad.

So last night I figured I would go to Bonjour. That seemed to work fine with my iPhone. But my iPad does not see my iMac. It is on the same network and everything. So I’m at a loss to explain why this is not working. I can’t see the location it doesn’t exist. Screenshot attached.

Clearly I jumped the gun here on several occasions. My apologies. I was just so excited to get this done.

So maybe I should back up and ask you a couple of more simple questions first.

I have a new iPad Pro 12.9 inch M2. Also the latest iPhone pro max. These need to sync to the databases on my old Mac Pro trashcan.

I have the 200 gig plan from iCloud. And my databases are, combined, somewhere about 20 gigs. A little bit less.

  1. Which is the better way to sync. Bonjour or cloud kit (or something else)? Most of the time I am right here in my home office. I got the iPad so that I could travel and move around and still have all of my databases even more able to be used. In general there’s not much need to synchronize things until I’m back to my home office. I will try and upload a screenshot to show you what my iPad sees or doesn’t see as the case may be regarding bonjour.

  1. Once we’ve established the best way to go, maybe then I should delete everything off of my to iOS devices and start fresh to have no problems. Could you point me to the best way to do that if that is your best advice as well.

  2. For which ever way is best, could I please get some very specific and newbie type directions as to how to engage the suggestions offered.

Working with all of this does not come natural to me. And it seems that I am on quite a learning curve. But I’m certainly willing.

Thank you in advance for the help.

A common mistake is to enable Bonjour on more than one device on the network. I think you should enable it only on your Mac. Off on all other devices. Check what you did.

If that ok just reread the iOS setup instructions and check everything. And check the iOS devices on WiFi connected to local network and not just phone mobile data.

DO NOT delete everything. At this point achieves nothing and not warranted.

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OK, but is bonjour the better solution? Better than cloudkit?

Your reference to iOS instructions. Where can I find those?

Yes I did when I first enabled it. But then I went back to my iOS devices and turned it off.

I did put the password in from the Mac under enable incoming connections but it is still off.

What I have been doing to get this to work is to click on settings and then edit locations to try and be able to see what is on my Mac so I can make it connect here on my iPad.

But the databases have been download it down numerous times I believe in my iPad and iPhone, trying to get this figured out.

I still do not see anything in the locations that would enable me to select the databases and bring them in using bonjour.

This is what is not showing up on my iPad. It shows up on my iPhone and that is what the screenshot is from just now.

See Bonjour Simplified and the “DEVONthink for IOS Manual”, along with the “DEVONthink Manual” for full instructions. Also in Help. DEVONtechnologies | Handbooks and Extras

Hard for me or others to sort through all your screen shots. But if you review the above, and start at the beginning, Looks like with your last screen shot “KEC@kenricks-mac-pro” is your Mac? So click through.

You ask if Bonjour or Apple’s services is better. Bonjour works well. Apple’s stuff–not so well, as you are noticing. Setup Bonjour, then work on Apple. Might make it work. You can have both active.

OK, I’m sorry about the screenshots. I was trying to document everything to make it easier.

The screenshot you are referring to came from my iPhone. And yes I could click through with no problem. But it does not show up on the iPad.

The iPad is on the same Netwerk in fact there is no mobile card installed yet. So it is strictly on the Wi-Fi. And that option does not show up. That is the problem.

Thank you for the reference of where to look I will do my best.

OK, nothing is working.

I have confirmed the following…

I have followed the suggestions on the simplified set up for bonjour and all is exactly as it says it should be in the directions.

The iPad is on the exact same Network as the iPhone and Mac.

I even disconnected the Wi-Fi on the iPad, told it to forget the network, then reconnected it just to make certain that it is identical.

Everything works fine on the iPad in general. I’m able to open browsers and do everything I want to do.

But when I click on settings on the iPad and then edit locations, there is no Mac connection like there is on the iPhone. It’s simply does not exist.

I have restarted the iPad numerous times, stopped and started Devonthink to go.

The iPad is on the latest version of the OS.

I am at a complete loss.

How do I get the Mac to show up under locations so I can choose the databases?

Is iPadOS’ Settings > Privacy & Security > Local Network > DEVONthink enabled?

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That was it. I am kicking myself right now.

Thank you so much. Everything is now beginning to sync just fine.

Once bonjour has finished syncing on the iPad, do you think it would then be wise to also engage cloudkit?

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Only if you NEED it. May just frustrate you or may work. I would focus on DEVONthink.

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Thank you. I will take that advice. I’m so thrilled this is syncing now very quickly and effectively.

One more thing, in setting up my iPhone with bonjour, I accidentally engaged all of the databases. They have all synced just fine. But I don’t need a few of them really. I do have the space for it with no problem on my phone. But if I wanted to remove a couple of them, how would I do that to free up the space?

Really you need to read the documentation😉

Clue. Just delete the database where you do not need but do not delete all copies on all devices else you need to restore from your system backup. You do have system backups don’t you? That also touched on in the outstanding “DEVONthink Manual”.


You can left-swipe any database on DEVONthink To Go’s home screen and delete it.

And while it’s nice to get up and running, please slow down as you’re doing this stuff. Unless you’re already a pro hiker, going to fast can lead to twisted ankles, broken legs, etc. :slight_smile:

Well I just couldn’t imagine it was so hard to set up an iPad. But it’s working. And having just “sprained my ankle” then I will take your word and see if I can’t slow down a little bit.

Sounds good

@BLUEFROG Probably worth adding this guidance to the Manual(s) and Bonjour Simplified. (If there already didn’t spot it).