Need to save image rotation


I need to rotate many images and for DT to save the image as rotated. When I rotate through the edit menu, the rotation does not “stick.” If I rotate through the scripts menu, the rotation is saved, however, this is a very time consuming way to do it (as I can’t move the rotate left/rotate right function -from the scripts menu- into my toolbar). Any ways to make permanent image rotation easier?


True. Seems to be a bug?

In the Scripts menu, select Open Scripts Folder and move, or copy, any script (or an alias) into the Toolbar subfolder. The script is now available to be added as a button to the DEVONthink toolbar (View > Customize Toolbar). Alternatively, any script can be given a keyboard shortcut.

Thank you korm. That tip for saving scripts as button in the toolbar is very helpful.

The toolbar folder usually is located in ~/username/library/Application Support/DEVONthink Pro 2/Templates.noindex/Toolbar

I think the “rotation non stickiness” is one old Macintosh problem and somewhat embarrassing. Preview has the same problem i think even iPhoto does if you go and export the pictures out of the iphoto library. Why is Devonthink not just using that Applescript which does the trick natively?!