Need to see more tags

I have been tagging a lot of my new and historic data for a lot of this year. Some items have many more tags than can easily be seen in the strip at the bottom of the window or in the info panel. That makes it almost impossible to see what tags have or haven’t already been applied, or four that matter to add new tags.

Could I ask you to either make the tagging spaces resizable or provide another way, like a vertical stack of tags, to see all the tags applied to any document or note.

I’d like to echo this request, please, and to add a related one of my own…

Currently the behaviour when one tabs / navigates to the tag strip (ctl-enter) is to select all the existing tags. The only reason for doing this is presumably to make it easy to delete or copy all the tags at once - which I’m not sure would be the most common action most users would want. It’s certainly almost never the action I want to carry out - most of the time I want to add a tag, or remove an individual one.

I’m always forgetting about this and deleting all the tags by typing in the one I want to add - yes I’ve only got to use cmd-z and they’re back, but it’s still intrusive enough when it happens often.

So, please could the default behaviour on entering the tag strip be changed to place the cursor at the beginning of the field?



Thanks for the suggestion! This could be easily changed, does anyone disagree?

I think the suggestion is a good one.

Resizable tag space would be great.

+1 on more tag space.

Perhaps add a scrollable Tags sidebar in the document preview window - like the page-preview sidebar for PDFs.

And we need more tag space in the info window.

I see the latest update has incorporated my suggestion for the tags not to be selected when you enter the tag bar. Many thanks!


“Perhaps add a scrollable Tags sidebar in the document preview window - like the page-preview sidebar for PDFs.”

Is this function likely to be added soon?

PS. would also love to see a similar option to view notes in a sidebar; perhaps a combined notes and tags sidebar, or as a drawer…