Need to sync documents with Box cloud storage

Gents, I have a Box cloud storage which hosts some of my word documents,

Is it possible to connect DevonThink to Box? I want to sync all the documents to DT and keep them synced with Box. I am not supposed to achieve a both way sync. Only from Box to DT.

If they provide a WebDav service, then it might work. Give it a try and report here.

What you are describing, though, of not wanting a “… both way sync. Only from Box to DT” doesn’t make sense at first glance. Are you sure you are actually meaning “synch” or something else? The purpose of “sync” is to make instances of DEVONthink Desktop and/or DEVONthink ToGo to hold the same “synced” files. Not as you describe your need.

hi, both way sync would be better, though I just wanted to simplify the task :slight_smile:

How should I use WebDAv service for my problem?

First, read the DEVONthink manual for setting up a WebDav sync. If you decide you actually need synching and a sync service via internet (versus no syncing or local sync via Bonjour), then check with Box if they provide WebDav services and what you have to do to have working account. Then do as it says in the DEVONthink manual.

By searching this forum, you may find where others have already setup Box WebDAV and succeeded or not.


As of October 25, 2019, Box has ended WebDAV support. If you have been using WebDAV you can continue to use it, as described in this article below. But we are no longer resolving any issues that may arise as a result.

Interesting. Frankly, I was trying avoid doing all the research for @carlito6663. :wink:

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Thanks, Bluefrog. Thanks rmschne for trying to avoid …for @carlito6663.

You’re welcome :slight_smile:

Gents, I set it up. And what I got? My db is syncing with Box, but Box files are not synced with my DT db.

:thinking: As noted in the article from Box, they no longer support WebDAV.

Also, I don’t know what you mean by “Box files”.
If you mean files you’re adding to, there is no way they’d get into the databases unless through DEVONthink.