Need workaround for Smart Folder sync

I have a database which includes some groups of Smart Folders. Unfortunately, I’ve discovered that I cannot sync mart Folders. One group of Smart Folders is “Labels”, with separate Smart Folders “Urgent”, “Unassigned”, “Waiting”, and Done" nested inside.

I would love to be able to have this group sync to my iPad. I know I could replicate every item in the other group to the appropriate label fodder, but it’s SO much easier to assign labels to items by just hitting the label icon on my toolbar. Is there ANY way I can sync these Smart Folders to my iPad?

Why can’t you continue to assign labels as you are doing now, and then replicate the contents of each smart group to regular groups in the sync group?

Either way, you’ll have to find some workaround as it is not going to be possible to directly sync the contents of a smart group.

Why ISN’T it possible to sync smart folders? This seems like a serious design flaw in DTPO.

The reason I can’t replicate every member of a smart folder is that the names of the files in the smart folder don’t tell me which smart folder they are from. So, replicated file names would not mean anything to me on DT2Go. Plus, I used the smart folders to aggregate files of a particular type. I don’t want to have to REMEMBER when I add a new file of that type to have to copy it to the Mobile Sync folder.

In my case, I have research projects in (real) folders. Inside those I have Lab Notebook entries. I have separate smart folders that collect all the Lab Notebook entries for each project. I would like to sync my lab notebooks, so I want to sync those smart folders that DTPO cleverly keeps up to date for me.

Surely that is a reasonable feature to expect? Any chance it will be added to DTPO??

Reasonable and feasible are not the same thing. And this is not a DTPO issue anyways, it is related to iOS APIs with DEVONthink To Go.

Smart folders are, basically, saved searches. To accommodate them on iOS would mean to recreate all search options we have in DEVONthink for Mac — most of which are based on our artificial intelligence technology. DEVONthink To Go in the contrary is build around Core Data as a database as the AI is way to much for the memory and CPU restrictions on iOS devices, even today.

So we might support smart groups in a future version of DEVONthink To Go but only simple ones.