Need workaround for Smart Folder sync

I posted this question in the DTTG Forum, but thought I’d add it here too …

I have a database which includes some groups of Smart Folders. Unfortunately, I’ve discovered that I cannot sync mart Folders. One group of Smart Folders is “Labels”, with separate Smart Folders “Urgent”, “Unassigned”, “Waiting”, and Done" nested inside.

I would love to be able to have this group sync to my iPad. I know I could replicate every item in the other group to the appropriate label fodder, but it’s SO much easier to assign labels to items by just hitting the label icon on my toolbar. Is there ANY way I can sync these Smart Folders to my iPad?

AFAIK you can’t do this with DevonThink to Go.

There is another way: replicate the contents of the ‘Labels’ groups to an indexed folder on Dropbox and sync this folder with a pdf reader on the iPad (e.g. with GoodReader).

I describe the procedure in more detail here: [url]Put up Example page]

Think again! :slight_smile:

Having done so: there might be a way using DevonThink To Go: replicate the items in the smart group to corresponding groups in the ‘mobile sync’ group (perhaps using a script like this one: [url]A better way to use MobileSync with GoodReader?] :laughing: