Negative Global Inbox: files missing

I’m having problems with the global Inbox in DTPO. Unlike what other people have experienced, the inbox is there but for some reason the documents in the inbox do not show up. In fact, next to the inbox is indicated that it holds “-79” files (yes: MINUS 79). If I add a new file (say, a new RTF), the file is visible AND the counter goes to “-78”. Mathematically it makes sense, however, how can a database contain a negative amount of files and, more important for me, how do I retrieve the files that are supposed to be in the global inbox? The problem started after I updated to the most recent version.

  • Re-downloading and re-installing the software (a process that I have had to do a bit to often to my liking): didn’t help.
  • Verify and repair: no problems were found.
  • Restarting the application and restarting the computer: didn’t help.
  • Shutting down the sorter and restarting the application with the sorter shut down: nope…

Anybody has any ideas? Mathematicians, please abstain from any technical / ontological comments on the nature of your discipline!

Global inbox.png

Somebody else has a similar problem. Sorry for missing it. See: Confused item counter for inbox.

Can somebody merge the threads?