Nested folders - labeling

I would find it useful if - when I label a specific DT file as - say - “important” or “red” that label would be replicated to the folder(s) holding that file. This would allow me to scan my folders at a high level, notice a red label, and click through until I find the actual “action” file.
TOP Level *
nested folder 1 *
nested folder 2 *
action file *

It’s unclear what you’re asking. You’re wanting the label to be set on the group? And what if two files have different labels?

good point. but, yes, if the top level folder could display an indicator that it contains (somewhere nested within) any file that needs “action” this would be a useful reminder - prompting me to click down until I hit a flagged item. I wonder if it could be a script - IF folder X contains any subfolder Y that contains an “action” item THEN display symbol (flag). I agree, there are other ways of reminding oneself of files that need action, but this could be quite useful for some situations?

Why don’t you just create a smart group with Label is _____ and choose the action label you’re using?

so simple. thank you, works like a charm. This is why I love DT and the people who help shape it.


You’re very welcome and we’re glad to discuss and help guide whenever we can :heart::smiling_face: