Nested Lists in Markdown on DTTG

When creating lists in DT, I am able to create hierarchies of nested items by using the TAB key to indent lines, as follows:

  • item 1
    • item 1a

However, in DTTG on the iPad, the TAB key does not seem to do anything in a nested list. And DTTG on the iPhone has no TAB key. Furthermore, using the “indent” function does not seem to do anything either on either platform. I searched this forum but the only entry I could find was for DT, not DTTG.

My question: is there a way to indent a list item in DTTG?

Have you tried four spaces?

I have the same experience with DTTG.
Indentation for nested lists as numbered as unordered doesn’t work properly.

Welcone @iObserver

Development is looking into this. Thanks for your patience and understanding.

@BLUEFROG , thanks for the suggestion of using four spaces. Unfortunately, while that does “technically” work, I feel it is far too clumsy to be a viable solution as it not only requires that I first delete the hyphen ("-") that is automatically inserted after pressing return at the end of the prior line but inserting four spaces would also trigger the auto-insertion of a period ("."). So it’s just not really a good workaround.

Happy to hear the team is looking into it and hopefully it can be fixed.

You could insert the spaces before the hyphen, I guess. The behavior you mention (automatic insertion of hyphen) has been recently introduced because of requests here in the forum, iirc.

The “double space inserts dot” is a keyboard setting that you can change.

@chrillek, yes, I could do those things but that seems to be a rather nuclear solution to a relatively simple and straight-forward issue. And it would mean that working with nested lists in DTTG would remain a very painfully clunky experience.

The automatic insertion of the hyphen is standard behavior for an ordered list and it is how such a feature is expected to work (and, in fact, IS how it works in DT on the Mac).