Nested Lists Markdown not working

I am using the markdown editor for input, but nested lists are not working.

For example, if I type this in the source (I used a double asterisk so that the example would not format, so you can see the source. In deveonthink3, I use a single asterisk with a double space in front of Apple and Orange).

** Fruit
** Apple
** Orange

For example, I expect this:

  • Fruit
    • Apple
    • Orange

To create markdown where Apple and Orange are indented. however, they show up as top-level bullets.

What can I do to get my nested list markdowns to work?

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Use a tab

* Fruit
	* Apple
	* Orange

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It would be easier to understand if you posted and pasted the original source from you markdown here, using triple backquotes as for code,
This works for me:

- Flug Chengdu - Dali
    - China Eastern 164€ 1:40
    - außerdem angeblich China Southern, Air China
- Aufenthalt Dali

Note that the spaces are before the nested list marker.

If you get bullets or discs or asterisks as list markers in the rendered markdown depends on the CSS referenced in you markdown.

Thank you. That worked.