Nested tag panel in tag view

Currently there are six view settings in DT. For tag view (the rightest of the six views), when a tag is selected in the right panel, all documents that are assigned to such tag are shown in the top-left panel . However, the process is quite inconvenient for users (like me) who have arranged the tags in hierarchy manner (nested tags). Is there a way to show the tags (in the right panel) in manner that is consistent with “Groups and Tags” (ctrl-cmd-G)? Better yet, I hope there is a mini-search field for us to search/go right to the tag we are looking for?


Multiple tags can be selected simultaneously the command-clicking each tag in the list. The search results shown by doing this is the intersection of the selected tags. (tag1 AND tag2 AND tag3, and so on)

Adding to what korm said, No, it’s not possible to show herarchical Tags in this view.

Some of us have more tags than others. It really depends on the ways we classify our information. I hope this feature will be considered in the near future.