NetNewsWire 3 Vertical Pane view not in DT 2.0??? DANG IT!!

I don’t suppose there would be anyway that your loyal customers might be able to persuade you to incorporate one last feature in DT2 before it’s finaly release? Having used DT for well over a year, I’ve longed for the next release of this app that would hopefully incorporate a view layout that resembles netnewswire’s 3-vertical pane view, and I was really bummed to find out that it doesn’t appear that such a view setting has been added…

Here is the 3-verticle pane view I am hoping you might consider adding to DT2: … %20106.png

Here is a screenshot of how DT2 Appears as of now… … %20105.png

The fact is that computer monitors are built wider than they are built tall…it just makes a lot more sense having a 3-verticle pane view (especially if you have a large monitor, such as a 30" cinema display)

Any possibility such a view setting might get added in?


View -> Widescreen

Just as Green is the new Black, Widescreen is the new long-hoped for ‘command-option-seven’.

First thing I checked!

Live it up!

…Now if only that infernal comments column would behave itself…grrrr…


I was hoping someone would let me know that I’d overlooked this feature!


Took me a bit to realize v1 Horizontal Split view is Split view with Widescreen disabled in v2.

Btw, I still wish View tooltips differentiated each view type, like in some apps, instead of using the single generic View tip.