New Bookmarklets Don't Work in Firefox

The new bookmarklets work fine in Safari, but don’t work in Firefox. They launch DEVONthink Pro, but don’t create any notes…

Any chance you might add bookmarklets compatibility with Firefox (and perhaps Camino)?

Firefox and Camino are not Cocoa applications.

Safari, DEVONthink Pro and DEVONagent are Cocoa applications. That means they can share a lot of code hooks for ease of communication that aren’t easily available with Firefox and Camino.

So Safari, DEVONagent and the built-in browser of DT Pro currently provide better ease and options for capturing information from the Web as selected text/images, HTML page or WebArchive. I especially like the ergonomics of capture in DEVONagent and DT Pro’s browser, where there are contextual menu options for capture mode.

Bookmarklets are a convenient GUI for doing some things in Safari and DEVONagent that they are already capable of doing via a Service, script or contextual menu. The “hooks” between the browser and DT Pro are there.

As Christian is using Javascript in bookmarklets, one could do a good deal of programming and maybe kludge the same results from Firefox and/or Camino as can be had with Safari or DEVONagent. But it would take more development resources.

Whatever good things one may like about Firefox and Camino, they weren’t designed from the bottom up to work as smoothly with DT Pro as do Safari and, especially, DEVONagent. DEVONagent is my default browser.

Seems that both Firefox and Camino are not able to import .inetloc files as expected :frowning: Just create bookmarks with the following URLs:

Add link to DEVONthink:


Add archive to DEVONthink:


Bill, I really wish Firefox was a Cocoa application, but there are several features it has that I really don’t want to give up (like its sidebar and extensions).

One terrific feature of Safari and DEVONthink Pro (and that is lacking even from other Cocoa browsers like Camino) is the ability to copy parts of a web page and paste them into TextEdit or DEVONthink Pro with (most) formatting (as well as tables, images, lists, etc.) intact. I love that about Safari, but I hate that Safara lacks menu separators for my bookmarks menu/bar sub-menus.

Christian, thanks for the tip! The bookmarklets are now mostly working from Firefox, but only if DEVONthink Pro is already running… If DT is not already running, it is launched by the Firefox bookmarklet but no DT bookmarklet entry or webarchive is created…

Is there any way we have specify where the bookmarks or web archives are created, or have them auto-selected upon creation within DT?

Hi, DarylF2:

For some reason the universe never seems perfectly suited to our wishes. I just try to adapt as well as I can. :slight_smile:

Camino isn’t a Cocoa app, either.

I keep a large collection of bookmarks in a Bookmarks group in my DT Pro database, organized by subgroups, e.g., Scientific Journals, News Sources, Mac Sites, etc.

I do almost all the collection of new content from Web pages in that bookmarks collection. For example, Science Magazine, to which I subscribe, puts out a new issue each week. So every week I click on that bookmark, select the current issue and browse it for anything of interest. Almost all captures are made as selected text/images, as that avoids the ever-present ads and other non-relelevant material.

Other science news pages in that group update on a daily or constant basis, so every day or so I’ll click on the EurekaAlert, ScienceDaily, or Chemical Engineering News and New Scientist bookmarks to browse for new content of interest. As a matter of personal preference, I prefer keeping up with new stuff that way rather than by RSS feeds, as I’ve got a pretty good idea of any slants, reputatation, etc. in the journals or news pages I’m looking at. There are very reputable journals such as Science and Nature and many others. There are some other journals or news pages that I put closer to the “junk science” category.

And the built-in browser gives me good ergonomics for choosing capture mode. I can select text/images, Control-click (two-finger click on my MacBook Pro trackpad) and choose the contextual menu option Capture Note. Or I could instead click in the page background, Control-click and capture the page HTML or WebArchive of the article.

So I’ve got a pretty well organized setup for keeping up with the literature on topics that I’m interested in, that’s suited to my personal habits, and an efficient way of capturing as reference material items that I’d like to keep in my databases. Others have different habits and procedures, and that’s fine, too. :slight_smile:

Hmmm… It might be nice if DEVONthink could automatically load the current Safari bookmarks, or at least import them… An idea if this might be doable?

Hmmm. Try File > Import > Bookmarks > Safari (or Camino, etc.) :smiley:

Nice! DT has so many features I have yet to learn… :slight_smile:

Does this feature automatically sync the bookmarks when they are edited in the browser?

Hi. I am a newbie using DevonThink on the trial period. So far it’s great except for a couple of problems I have. I think these conversations will help me but I don’t understand a couple of the details. Adding the link to DevonThink for example.-I’m unable to do that so I must be doing it wrong. Would you please explain the steps in doing it. It seems so easy but I’m not getting it… :cry:

Second problem: the links in my pdfs aren’t working when I put them in a pdf files in Devonthink. They do work outside of DevonThink in either the Preview app or Adobe Reader. What am I doing wrong?

Any and all suggestiions are appreciated. I like the Bookmarks database idea and am trying to do that. I’m having trouble though when I try to launch a link. I get the error message Devonagent application not found. Strange…
Thanks again. If I can get this all running well I’m thinking about purchasing DEVONagent.

Thanks again- :slight_smile:

There are a number of ways of adding URL links to your DT Pro database.

  • Select URL in browser address field, drag it to the DT Pro Dock icon
  • Copy the URL to the clipboard, paste it as a new document in DT Pro (Command-N)
  • Select and drag the URL to DT Pro’s floating Groups Panel

You can capture your Safari (or some other browsers) bookmarks to your DT Pro database by selecting in DT Pro File > Import > Bookmarks > …

And it’s possible to use scripts to capture bookmarks to the database.

Check that again. If you capture a PDF file that contains working hyperlinks, they will also work when you view them inside your database. If you are viewing the PDF in the document panel of a view, click inside the document panel in the “background” of the PDF and you will see that the links are active.

I’m mystified, as saving a bookmark to your DT Pro database simply creates a link that will open in the DT Pro browser when you click it, with no reference to an external browser. Check that again and see what happens.

As of the latest (1.2) release I was able to drag the bookmarklets into both Camino and Firefox and they work as expected.

Richard Bullen

Christian tries to make users happy. :slight_smile:

Success! Itried each one of these and they all worked for me. I did NOT try the scripts though because I don’t know how to use them. I am going to the Apple tutorial to learn how. Thanks so much.

Where can I find a list of the keyboard shortcuts-e.g. Command-N?

First I dragged the PDF file to an open group. I’ve tried that repeatedly and the hyperlinkds don’t work. It DOES work when I capture the page in the default DEVONthink program. So I do have a nice way of saving these files. I’m just curious though why it doesn’t work by dragging and dropping. If I drop it into a new text note it will be saved as a PDF with working hyperlinks.

I made a mistake by not putting the URL in the appropriate place. It now works fine.

One more question. The ‘save PDF to DevonThink’ option doesn’t appear in any of my programs like Adobe Reader, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Preview. Why not? It is a great option.

Thanks again for all of your help. This really adds to the value of the program.

Bill, if Camino isn’t a Cocoa app, then why does the DevonTechnologies FAQ page say the following?

“Why do the Services not work in Firefox?
Services work only in real Mac OS X applications based on the so-called Cocoa framework. Examples for Cocoa applications are, e.g, Mail, Safari, TextEdit, and, of course, all our applications. However, Firefox is a port of a Unix application not completely based on Cocoa. Therefore, it does not support Services. Try using Camino instead, a Cocoa browser based on the Firefox engine.”

Things sometimes change over time. :slight_smile:

The Camino guys are trying to integrate more into the OS X Cocoa environment than are the Firefox guys, so far.