New Control book on its way

Soon a new book will be out! Like the manual but always nice to have more documentation out.

[i]We agree! In fact, a revision of “Take Control of Getting Started with DEVONthink 2” is in the works at this very moment. Here is the last word from Tonya (our Editor-In-Chief here at Take Control) in the Update Plans tab for this book on our site:

“August 15, 2016 – Two weeks ago, I wrote in this space that we hope to release a new edition of this book later this summer. I can now say that we are planning (but not promising) to publish the new edition during the first full week of September. The new edition will focus on the newest version of DEVONthink, plus look at the new DEVONthink to Go in iOS. And, it will be in the latest version of Take Control’s template. If you buy the book now, you will get a free update.”

Since you already own a copy of the older edition of the book, you’ll receive an email announcement when the new edition becomes available. Keep an eye open for that announcement within the next couple of weeks or so.

And now it is out!

Getting Started with DEVONthink 2, Third Edition

Just bought it, have not read or used it yet, but the previous one was a great complement to the manual. The Manual is actually great, just learned some extra things with the book.

Have bought twelve other Joe Kissel control-books and they are good as complements to the original manuals, easy to follow and give some extra tips.

Not sure, but when I love an app I tend to buy all the extra stuff that I can, and I really would like DevonThink to be on every persons mac so maybe I am a fan!

Regardless, $15 is not a lot of money for an app I use several times daily. Enjoy!

Can’t find it in Amazon UK, is it available yet in this part of the world?

I bought mine from