New database does not sync directly

Hi, on my iMac I have three databases (plus the Inbox) which sync perfectly well directly with my Macbook over wifi.

I started a new database on my iMac, uploaded documents, and checked it in the Sync preferences in the Dropbox, iCloud and in the local sync store.

All the three other databases sync well with Inbox, my Macbook DT shows them as Local, while the new database is remote.

Unfortunately I have no idea what to do to change.


my Macbook DT shows them as Local, while the new database is remote.

That is correct. A database must be imported to the local machine first. Double-click it and save it to the Databases folder in your Home directory.

Why are you enabling Dropbox, iCloud, and a local sync store?

Thanks, it worked. The reason why I use Dropbox and iCloud is to back up the precious data… Maybe it is an overkill

Sync is ​not ​a backup, neither advertised nor advocated as such. We strongly advocate proper primary backups using TimeMachine (or similar snapshot-style backup applications) and external drives. Also, you should read the series of articles we posted:​

Also we do not advocate syncing the same databases to multiple remote sync locations.

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OK that is clear. I will delete the Dropbox access. BTW I do a daily backup to my NAS, which is also backed up. Thanks for your help and Happy New Year!

Another question:

Due to the fact that it was very hard to connect my iOS devices to my iMac (local network offline, which was a common problem and I found no solution for this) I used iCloud also as a syncstore. Based on your suggestion, do I need the iCloud syncstore if now I can connect all my devices to my iMac and use the local syncstore? Thanks for all your help.

what do you mean “common problem? did you try a Bonjour connection doing it as explained in Help/Manual?

Probably it was due to my router, many time connection lost and other error messages came. That is why I decided iCloud but in the meantime something changed in my network so direct sync is working quite well

We advocate using a remote option when necessary, not just because it’s possible. If Bonjour is working well, I’d opt for just using that.

In that case - and this would be my last question this year :slight_smile: - if I have only Apple devices, would I need any sync store - and if yes, then should it be a local sync store? Or should I only keep my databases on my main iMac, and sync them with my devices through Bonjour without a sync store?

Thanks again for all the help