New Dropbox Device Limit on Free Accounts

One of our helpful forum participants linked to an interesting article from Dropbox’s German support pages. Here is a link to the English page: Dropbox Device Limit

And from another page:

Basic users have a three device limit as of March 2019.

Plus and Professional users can link unlimited devices.

The basic takeaway is this…

  • You can only have three devices linked to your free Dropbox account.
  • If you have more than three linked previous to March 2019, they are allowed but no more can be added.
  • If you want more than three devices, you need to upgrade your account.

Thanks to some 3rd-party apps such as CloudMounter it’s still possible to connect an unlimited amount of devices to one Dropbox account.

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Welcome, @Adrian1

I don’t know that using an app like CloudMounter wouldn’t run afoul of Dropbox’s terms.

Nor do I see how that CloudMounter gets around the limits. CloudMounter still has work with a logged-in device.

@korm @BLUEFROG CloudMounter uses their App API and Dropbox has stated that these do not count against the three device limit, only devices which have the Dropbox app installed.

If I’m correct, this also means that DEVONthink won’t count against the three device limit because it also shows up as an app in their application panel and you don’t need the sync stores on the device you use DEVONthink on, correct?

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Yes, that is the case, as our sync engine syncs directly to their servers. Thanks for the link.

@JCSully217 This is a great clarification! Thanks!