New DT user-possible to create a note wth embedded attachmnt

Trying to achieve this in Devonthink (something I quite liked about Evernote).

In Evernote, I can create a note and that note can have attachments inside the notes. So if it is a travel planning page, I could have some links to places, a PDF of the airline and hotel booking.

Is it possible to create a note like this in Devonthink? I searched…

I am assuming that there are others who have felt the need for notes that have text and related attachments?

(I don’t mind using a script supported solution if somebody may have created one like this.)

Thank you!

On OS X an RTF with attachments is called RTFD. If you create a rich text file (Data > New > Rich Text>) and insert an image, links, etc., your RTF will automatically become an RTFD.

That’s what you’re looking for. This has always been a feature of DEVONthink. It’s actually a feature of OS X too and TextEdit will work the same way.

You can inset something in an RTF by copy/paste or by dragging it into the RTF.

Another way to combine your files into an RTFD is to “merge”. For example: create a rich text file. Select that rich text file and one or more PDFs or other files, and then use Data > Merge to combine them into a single RTFD.

The downside to attachments in a rich text note is that their text content isn’t searchable.

An alternative that I prefer, when I wish to associate a rich text note to one or more other documents, is to copy/paste the Item Link of a document into the rich text note. I can then see the Name of the document as a clickable link to it.

Thanks for the feedback.

I think being able to search the attachment is very important. If RTFD makes the attachment not visible to search, then RTFD is not a good solution for me.

The second option of creating a link in the note is a better one, but it is currently very cumbersome in DT.

Has nobody else felt the need that the DT clipper for browsers should save the note that one can type in that clipper not as spotlight comment but as a note in DT (with a link to the clipping)?

Thanks for engaging.

Your wording is a little unclear to me, but have you tried clipping to a Formatted Note ?

Agreed. Wording was unclear as I read it myself.

I tried Formatted note just now. And the comment that I type in the clipper “Note:” section, goes into Spotlight comments. It does not go to the Devonthink entry. The comment that I type is not visible when I see the item, unless I “Show Info”.

Ideal scenario in my view: The Note entered in the clipper window is visible in the Devonthink entry.

Is the wording clearer now?