New File has contents of old file

I was having a discussion with Jim Neumann about browser/file behavior here:


and changed mid-stream to a question about browser-style behavior here: Browser-style behavior in files

And Greg Jones recommended I post the problem in Troubleshooting

If my cursor is on a filename in the hierarchy, and I select New Text File and name it, the new file will open with the contents of a previous file I looked at. If I hit the back arrow it will go back from that file to one prior to it. I can’t go forward; it doesn’t think there’s anything in that direction.

To get rid of it, I have to arrow up/down to one of the adjacent files, and then it clears. This is an annoying extra step and it didn’t used to happen.

I really do wish I could turn off this “browser-style” behavior – being able to back through previously seen files; really, really don’t like it; make it an option for those who like it.


Actually I suggested opening a support ticket. The link to do that is here:

Ticket in progress. Thanks